Background Part 7: Life Goes On…

Funny thing about life is that regardless of what you go through on a daily basis, i.e. work, school, kids, disease, you know the usual stuff… life happens.  Plain and simple, It keeps going. Things never seem to stop to give you a break and a change to take a deep breath, to take in everything that has just happened.  I fully intend to keep the wrap up of the background series medically focused, however it needs to be known that in the midst of all the madness, real life every day ups and downs are always ongoing too. Continue reading

Background Part 5: It’s all in your Head

Before I continue with the Background series I want to say something about this blog.  I think it’s human nature to want to say something to convey to people that we care in the matters of health and wish there was something we could do to help.  The classic response is almost always “I’m Sorry”.  Which I find to be a bit funny considering the circumstances have nothing to do with anything anyone has done…but the sentiment is what matters.  Then there is the other side where folks doubt, or get impatient with your health, think you use it as an excuse or who knows what (I have had far too many run ins with people like this).   Anyways I have been flooded with comments from so many people the last week with the first.  I want to stress I started this blog to help others, but obviously first provide the background of my experience.  I cannot thank you all enough for your comments and well wishes.  I only hope that as I move forward with this project I can offer help to anyone who may be in the face of chronic illness, the medical system, or who knows what; anything to help avoid some of the tough times, I and many others have gone through.  Thank you all very much. Continue reading

Background part 4: Life of Pain

When I decided to start this background series I certainly never thought it would be this long!  Going through the entirety of everything that has happened in the last 10-15 years, you start to forget all the appointments, procedures, diagnosis, etc… It all just starts to blend together, the more time you spend in waiting rooms, ER’s and hospital beds they all start to look the same.  This next series of events is pretty hazy to me but here’s what I know.  It was in no way how I wanted to start off as a mother.  It was extremely hard, insanely emotional, but as always I push through.  Each background segment, I can tell you at the time I didn’t things could get worse, and then something new would happen.  If there is anything you learn when being sick, it is that you become a master of disguise, a pro at putting on a face (a topic I will cover sometime after this series). Continue reading

Background Part 3: In Search of an Answer

It’s hard to explain everything a person goes through when bringing an infant home.  You have done everything you possibly can to prepare for this event but it is and will be never be enough.  At least not for the first.  Everyone is giving you advice, which all conflicts with each other.  You are barely conscious because there is no such thing as sleep anymore, and when you are awake you have to give your complete attention to this new little helpless being, and you have to do it with a smile!  I feel like that first two months, where everything is really just cloud covered, is a bit like what insanity feels like.  Combine all that with kidney stones and stress of the unknown and you have helplessness. Continue reading

Background: Part 2, The Trigger

After my diagnosis of Endometriosis and PCOS and first surgical procedure where it had traveled out of the pelvic cavity to my bladder and bowel things kind of settled down for a while.  I should add a preface here, that if your stomach can’t handle lingo and images of the human body then this will not be the blog for you.  I can be pretty blunt.  I didn’t’ used to be, but this just part of the adjustment I suppose to being ill.  Shit like that doesn’t bother you, including my wonderfully foul language. ha! Continue reading

Background: Part 1, how it all started…

I am a 31 year old mom of 1, previously divorced and now remarried.  I work as a consultant for a major oil company in project management.   So lets get into the real background.  Growing up I never really had any major health issues.  I was not ever athletic, suffered from Asthma which put me out a lot but now have grown out of it.  Asthma is very common for the area I live in, so it was no big deal.

Continue reading

First Time Blogger – Here we go!

Hello. So I thought I would give this blog thing a shot.  At 31 years old, after 10+ years now of medical ups and downs and life ups and downs that many people probably do not even experience in a life time I think it’s time to share.  I guess more than just giving me an opportunity to share my experiences I want to provide advice to anyone who is going through health issues, or knows someone who might be as well.  Being chronically ill, or even just sick in general (for anything more than a cold) is not easy.  Not just for the fact of your health but everything else that comes with it.  There’s a stigma that comes with being sick.  People are often either overly sympathetic or overly skeptical.  Typically the latter, especially in the case of work environment, acquaintances or extended family members… in my experience at least.   Continue reading