Welcome to The Diary of a Sick Girl Blog!  I have created this blog for one main purpose…to share the wealth of information and experience I have had in the medical world as a patient with a rare chronic illness.  The last 10-15 years have been quite a roller coaster of doctors, tests, surgeries, diagnosis and mis-diagnosis… I always wished I had someone to help me navigate all the ridiculousness that is the medial world!  So I figured why not start one of my own.  I have had so many people request advice over the last year and to create a one stop shop that allows people to comment as well and send questions of their own, or even topic requests to cover.  I hope you find this helpful and if anything, know that whatever you may be experiencing, you are not alone.  I promise if I haven’t been through it, someone has!  Let me know if you have any ideas or information to share! :o)

Don’t know where to start?  Try the beginning!  You can check out the “background series” which will give you the full story from the beginning, context around my disease and how I ended up where I am today!  Hope this helps!

Disclaimer: Please note all items and advice provided in this blog are strictly voiced opinions and not by any means certified medical advice.  I am not a medical professional.

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