First Time Blogger – Here we go!

Hello. So I thought I would give this blog thing a shot.  At 31 years old, after 10+ years now of medical ups and downs and life ups and downs that many people probably do not even experience in a life time I think it’s time to share.  I guess more than just giving me an opportunity to share my experiences I want to provide advice to anyone who is going through health issues, or knows someone who might be as well.  Being chronically ill, or even just sick in general (for anything more than a cold) is not easy.  Not just for the fact of your health but everything else that comes with it.  There’s a stigma that comes with being sick.  People are often either overly sympathetic or overly skeptical.  Typically the latter, especially in the case of work environment, acquaintances or extended family members… in my experience at least.  

Then there’s the doctors.  The biggest skeptics of all.  It’s almost as if they have been trained to never believe the patient.  Yes, I understand people lie and have secrets and lack of sharing information with your doctor maybe puts something in jeopardy for your life, but it certainly ruins it for the rest of us. So I could offer my first piece of advice to always be honest with your doctor and tell them everything, however I don’t think it will change anything on their side…but just do it.  Since I have been to every doctor in the world it seems, have had every test multiple times, and 26 surgeries I have had a few good doctors, even fewer greats, and way too many terribly disappointing, careless, conceited, bastard doctors.  The trend is always run tests in their specialty, if everything comes back normal, then send you off, regardless if there is still an issue.  Because naturally if they can’t find anything wrong then that must mean nothing is wrong.  Few will even help you take the next step to consider seeing a doctor in a different specialty.  You practically have to beg.  But I digress.  These are just a few of the many items I want to address and share in this blog.  I want to provide an outlet for myself and others.  I want to help anyone that needs advice.  Provide guidance for all the people going through a tough time medically, that can’t bare to deal with more stress by working with our medical system, because bottom line is that it is crap.  I have been very lucky to find the specialist that I work with now who give me their cell numbers and go above and beyond, but it has taken year to get to them and still if I have an ER visit, it’s always back to square 1.  I will apologize in advance, as I do get carried away and may go off on tangents every now and then or always… but this is my life and my health.  Two things I am passionate about, naturally.  So here it goes.  My first blog.  Hopefully many more to come.  I will keep them as focused as I can on certain subjects and experiences and If anyone actually does find it to be helpful, or interesting in anyway I am happy to touch on specific subjects by request.  I think this will be a great outlet for myself, but I want this to be about helping you.  Thank you and have a happy healthy day!

– Just A Regular Sick Girl.

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