So I’ve been in the hospital for 4 days having an adrenal crisis after a recent diagnosis of Addison’s disease. It’s been hell to say the least being stuck in a tiny room while my son is home sick and my daughter experiences her most stressful week before her big show and my husband tries to juggle it all. So as per usual I take to writing to get my feeling out. I call the below “Hospital”


Laid out in a bed for hours on end

Tossing and turning miserably

Holes in my skin where my life lines begin

Something has taken over me

My body has changed in mysterious ways

When will it come back to find me

These curves are not mine Wrapped in hospital vine

I do not recognize the woman beside me

Days have gone by I’m complacent inside

The world keeps on turning around me

Here I lie while my fingers you pry

Pushing your drugs in the roots of my thighs

Buttons I push for your substance to nourish

For the poison you say will cure me

Sicker I get, laid out in my sweat

Please take me outside so I can get back to my shit

I do not belong in the walls you have confined me

Just one breathe of fresh air, will get me there

But you suck me back into sterile atmosphere 

Say without what you offer I’d be dead in the gutter

But this is where you intend to hypnotize me

Battered and bruised, swollen and bemused

I do not recognize me

The deed has been done, you have had your fun

Another patient for your scores and your puns

Come back soon. when you’re sick… and find me.

 – Maegan Sheiman ; The Diary of a Sick Girl

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